Eric Fate was born in Manhattan and raised in Montreal. The gift of traveling the world at a young age fueled Eric’s passion for culture and music. From the tribal drums of South Africa to the ornate strings of China, Eric’s inspiration for music stems from a truly global influence. The early underground club scene in Montreal exposed Eric to the deepest of groundbreaking parties from the world renowned Stereo to warehouse raves.

Eric maintains long driving grooves in his style of mixing, using loops as layers and deep powerful sounds to keep the party going into the wee hours of the morning. Over the years, Eric has truly created his unique sound by mixing and layering Deep House and Techno.

Eric has been refining his craft for over fifteen years with a focus on djing parties from North, Central, and South America to Europe. For the past five years, producing music has also been a significant part of his focus. Eric is currently touring and working in his studio on upcoming releases for Black Nation Records.